Virtual Reality Solutions

Our comprehensive range of virtual reality solutions (VRS) and other services utilising our proprietary and advanced real-time 3D technologies are based on the Cesium and Unity engines. These allow you to not only present data but complete projects and designs in innovative, cutting-edge and user-friendly ways. They are supported by a wide array of platforms and operating systems, including plugin-based, WebGL, Android, Windows, Mac OS, fixed and mobile platforms, VR goggle systems and cave installations.

Real-time visualization

We use a selection of virtual reality solutions to aid you and your customers to visualise data in a spatial environment that suits a whole range of fields and applications. This means that you and your customers can experience the data in a meaningful way, including the ability to modify the data in real time without the need for expensive and time consuming re-calculation of the data.  

Infrastructure visualization

We can convert complex infrastructural models designed for solely for professional use into slick and easy to operate systems suitable for a wide audience. If you are looking for a way to improve your design processes, or need to make a great impression during public consultations, then consider our visual-based systems for your infrastructural projects.

Virtual architectural models

One of the problems with modern design is dealing with the sheer volume of data we need in a comprehensible manner, especially when we wish to demonstrate our ideas to our customers. What if we could convert that data into a game-like experience, one where our customers can both participate in and modify an opulent and responsive environment? In this way your architectural projects become your demonstration, marketing and public consultations materials, available as standalone or mobile virtual web models, or for viewing through VR goggles.

Traffic systems and data visualization

It is important that your customers or even the general public can easily understand your traffic designs in a clear and realistic manner. Our solution is a better way of allowing them to visualise the context you wish to express, whether it is a traffic safety analysis or an environmental impact assessment, or simply to aid you in comprehending your own traffic data solution.

Advanced data visualization

If you have a need to examine complex sets of spatial data in a comprehensible and user-friendly way, then explore our advanced data visualisation tools. Virtual reality enables the conducting of studies in both two and three dimensional environments, with the results being available in real time.

Lighting Design tools

Easily create street and interior lighting designs in real time, using a 3D environment in combination with our advanced lighting design tools. Calculate the power consumption and other essential parameters on the fly, as you make changes to the design. Finally, publish your design on various platforms and systems, as a web model or a standalone presentation.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Rozwiązania GIS

We provide wide range of GIS-related services and solutions that deal with the acquisition, storage and maintenance of data, along with its management and presentation as 2D maps, 3D terrain, architectural and infrastructural models, photogrammetry and laser scans. Digitising and automating such tasks helps our clients to significantly improve organisational effectiveness, reduce costs and accelerate processes, as well as allowing them to develop new and innovative solutions to meet their present and future needs.

2D/3D and database integration

Use a single web-based platform to effectively combine, maintain and deliver any kind of geo-referenced data, one that integrates 2D map layers and fully-interactive 3D environments with real-time database and storage operations.

Existing applications extensions

These allow you to reduce costs while adding value to the tools, systems and applications that you or your customers already use. We create new, advanced and more efficient features and processes, automate labour-intensive tasks and implement new solutions to meet your specific demands.

On-site data collecting tools

Mobile tools for the creating, accumulating and processing of a variety of location-specific data, along with geo-referencing of the data, assigning attributes, parameters or features, and on-site managing of your projects using a mobile device.

Rozwiązania GIS

About Us

As a young and energetic IT company, our goal is to provide you with innovative and technologically advanced solutions that suit your needs, in the present and in the future. We specialise in delivering high-quality solutions, at competitive prices.

If you require digital systems to manage projects involving traffic, logistics, infrastructure, land use and the environment, then our solutions are your solutions. We can help support your planning, decision making, and development processes, as well as managing your information and operational data systems.

We also have an experienced and highly flexible team of professionals dedicated to all stages of the software development process: initial consultation, project management, production, delivery and maintenance.

We can also call upon the help of a large Finnish company, Sito Oy, a specialist in the infrastructure sector, which gives us access to resources on a scale not normally available to a small company.

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