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What is a Cookie

A cookie is a very small file that your web browser downloads as part of the website and saves on your machine in order to improve the way that a particular website operates. Use of such cookies is a common practice in professional website design. This page tells you all about why we use cookies, why we need them, how they are stored and how you can prevent them being stored. Note that if you prevent cookies from being stored it may disable some functions on the site.

More information about cookies can be found in the Wikipedia article: Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies...

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies to store certain information about your preferences on this site, so that when you return at a later date the site remembers your choices. Unfortunately, in most cases you cannot disable the saving of cookies without also disabling the functions that rely on them. If you are not sure whether a website you use needs a particular cookie, it is best to leave it alone as it might help provide a service that you need.

Disabling Cookies

The method used to disable cookies from being stored depends on the browser that you are using, so see the browser Help to see how this is done. Since disabling cookies will affect the way that this and many other websites function, we recommend that you continue to allow your browser to store cookies.

What Cookies We Use

We use a cookie to remember some of the data you send through an online form, such as those found on the contact and comments pages. This makes it simpler for you when you next use a form as that data is filled in automatically.

We also use cookies to improve the general functionality of the site, by remembering your preferences. This works not just when you return to the site in the future, but as you move from page to page during any single visit.

Third Party Cookies

In certain situations we also use cookies that we receive from trusted third parties. These are usually used to track and measure how people use the site, such as how long is spent on each page, so that we can better understand how we can improve the site in the future.

One of these trusted third parties is Google Analytics, one of the most common and trusted suppliers of analytical solutions on the Internet. Their cookies typically track what pages you visit and the length of time that you spend on each, so that we know what kind of things interest you and what things are of less interest.

You can learn more about the cookies used by Google Analytics on the official Google Analytics page.

Sometimes we introduce new, temporary cookies to allow us to test new features that we add, making sure that they work well and that your experience on the site remains consistent while we figure out how to optimise the new features.

Learn More

We hope that you now better understand about what cookies are and why we use them, but if you are still unsure then you can always contact us via email or by one of the other listed contact methods. Remember, if you are unsure whether you should allow cookies to be stored on your machine, it is best to allow them in case it affects the features you use on the site. However if you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods.


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