Lighting Design tools

Lighting Design tools

Street and interior lighting design in real time, in a 3D environment with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visualisation, is the modern alternative to traditional design methods. Our lighting design tools use the advanced functions of 3D engines, including direct use of IES data, global illumination and complex lighting calculation algorithms, to ensure physically correct results - both for photometric light emissions and power consumption. 

In addition to accurate, visually realistic 3D representations of illumination, our lighting design application also calculates key statistics for your project, such as power consumption, cost, number of lighting points, etc. These parameters are calculated automatically in real time, as the user applies changes to the project, while the resulting data can then be saved in various formats - pdf, xml, csv, or web API.  

Our lighting design tools support both Windows and Mac OS, and can also function as a standalone application or a web solution (online). 

Major advantages: 

  • Compared to traditional solutions, our lighting design application enables visual changes to be made to the design with the results viewable in real time, without the need to rerun the calculations for each modification introduced. In effect, the entire design process is streamlined. 
  • Our lighting design solution allows the user to focus immediately on achieving the desired end result instead of devoting significant amounts of time to adjusting the design parameters by trial and error. This enables even less experienced users to obtain the intended result within a reasonable time. 
  • Our lighting design tools offer a number of other advantages as well, such as: quick and effective creating and testing of multiple alternative solutions for a single project (fast prototyping), multiple users working remotely on a single project (for the web solution), and publishing work-in-progress and final versions of the designs in various formats (e.g. online presentation) for consultations with the client or with the public.  

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