Vallilanlaakso Hydrological Simulation

Vallilanlaakso Hydrological Simulation

This online model simulates the hydrological data for the Kumpula river and Vallilan valley, created for the Helsinki department of public works, and intended to evaluate the flood risks over two, five, twenty and fifty year time frames. The lead in the project was our partner, Sito Oy, who provided the hydrological simulation data and district model, with the task of designing the storm water filtering pool and delay systems. We were responsible for producing the online model to present the final hydrological data and pool system design, allowing the general public to review the project in a visually comprehensible way.
Real-life examples:

  • Presenting and assessing the designed infrastructure model
  • Presenting and assessing hydrological simulation data
  • Presenting the possible impacts of flood situations on surrounding areas

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