Virtual architectural models, visualization and walkthrough

Virtual architectural models, visualization and walkthrough

Imagine what would happen if your customers could experience the worlds that you create as if in a game, to sense their diverse and beautiful natures from their own choice of viewpoints. Virtual reality is just such an effective way of effecting the perceptions of the viewer, whether as part of marketing strategies, public consultations or your own evaluations of your architectural projects. Ensuring the professional presentation of a project can be vital to its success, especially if we can also increase its effectiveness in new ways, such as through the use of online feedback systems.

Virtual architecture enables the user to capture the essence of a building or area, utilising real-time 3D graphics to render a lifelike and accurate vision of the project. In this way the potential residing in a building can be demonstrated convincingly before a single brick is laid. The quality of an architectural walkthrough aids us in making key decisions regarding the use of space, so it needs to be characterised not only by the tools available but also by clarity and innovation.

We have numerous functions to dynamically modify the lighting, with real-life weather effects, animated vegetation that changes with the season, and much more, to produce superlative visual results that are convincing to the eye. The simulation should demonstrate how the design will exist in reality, showing effects identical to those obtained later, in real life. We create visualisations that assess future development plans, presenting historical data and changes to the urban environment, as well as studies involving the effects of light, shade and dazzle.

The objective of such a model is to demonstrate effectively the potential contained in any infrastructure. While traditional architectural models and video renders show what is intended, virtual models allow the user complete freedom in moving around the model, allowing them to choose what they see and how they see it. Such a visualisation is always one-of-a-kind, especially since we work in line with strict professional standards. Our primary objective is always to satisfy your needs, while fully meeting your expectations.

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