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We create our virtual reality systems using the most advanced real-time 3D rendering engines, including Cesium and Unity. Our tools and systems then allow you to present your data in an innovative and spatial manner.

Our experience as a virtual reality developer means that we can design systems to process your traffic, logistical, infrastructural, architectural, land-use and environmental data for a wide range of applications and fields. We can also help you to rapidly evaluate the results of dynamic changes in terms of parameters, functions and options, avoiding the need for time consuming data re-calculation or the production of new visualisation material. This ability to combine the data with its automatic rendering constitutes a significant advantage over traditional systems, such as static models and video footage.
With virtual reality it is not only the designer who decides what will be shown: any user may participate in the process, without any of the limitations or presumptions found with previous systems. The user has the absolute freedom to not only explore the model, but to both experience and modify it, deciding where, when and how they will edit the system parameters. It is much like a computer game, where the user gets to choose what they do, when they do it, and how they will observe it.

Furthermore, you can publish your projects for your customers or the general public to experience, presenting your vision and solutions as a virtual walkthrough in an efficient, effective and user-friendly manner. It can be made available on most of the currently available platforms, both standalone and mobile, for all typical operating systems: plugin-based, WebGL, Windows / Mac / Android, VR goggle systems and cave installations.

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